Benefitsheet Block and Stone production 

Ecoratio is the problem solver for your problems in the concrete production and demoulding process. Ecoratio has developed release agents that are people and planet friendly and contribute to a high quality concrete surface.

This sheet explains how we can improve the quality of your concrete blocks and paving with Ecoratio’s release agent.

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High quality concrete elements with Ecoratio

Ecoratio is a specialist in the concrete market that solves problems that concrete producers face during and after production, such as air bubbles, corrosion, dust, sticking concrete and discolouration.

Thanks to Ecoratio’s research into efficient release agents, these problems are a thing of the past. With the help of the specially developed release agents from Ecoratio, the concrete will be of high quality. 

Fill out the form and learn the benefits of Ecoratio's release agents for blocks and stone production