Dear Associate,

Ecoratio has taken the necessary internal measures to protect its employees and customers against potential Coronavirus contamination and prevent its spread as much as possible.

Our measures follow the government and local health authority guidelines as well as well as our own additional guidelines. In this way, we guarantee the continuity of our core processes and can continue to provide you with the best possible service.

The Ecoratio management team continuously keep our staff informed and updated to any and all internal recommendations with support where it is requested or needed. Below you can find an overview of the measures we have taken:

Our field service

  • Our technical sales consultants will solve customer problems by phone as much as possible. Carrying out trials or providing support at our customers site will be avoided as much as possible until the current health threat has been resolved.
  • Travel to countries other than your own is not permitted, and travel restrictions have been set for high-risk areas;
  • Drivers and technical sales consultants avoid physical contact when handing over documents and goods. They ensure that hands are washed properly, do not shake hands and keep the prescribed distance from you and your employees;

Our production

Our production staff have scheduled break times, these breaks are staggered and employees follow the recommended safe distance apart from each other. Both office and production staff are restricted to their own work areas to reduce any cross contamination.

Our office employees

Office staff work from home where technically and physically possible. Employees who work in the office observe the recommended safe working distance from each other. Breaks are also taken at their own workstation.


  •      Employees with symptoms of illness stay at home, inform their GP and follow their advice;
  •      Visits from outside (suppliers, mechanics, consultants, etc.) are not allowed for the time being. Receipt of goods is possible but only if RIVM guidelines are followed;
  •      Travelling to countries outside the Netherlands is not permitted for the time being;
  •      We follow government guidelines.