eBook Ecoratio's environmentally friendly release agents 

Ecoratio values the environment and the health of employees. Because of the many harmful substances used during concrete production, people and the environment are at risk. With our environmentally friendly release agent we make the environment a lot safer during the releasing process, with the additional benefit of improving the quality of your concrete surface!

The purpose of this eBook:

  • Sharing knowledge about the use of different types of release agents on the market;

  • Display the importance of environmentally friendly products;

  • Showing the consequences of harmful release agents when used;

  • Explanation of the sustainable benefits of Ecoratio's release agents.

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Ecoratio and the environment

Ecoratio thinks about the well-being of people and the environment. In this eBook you can read more about the environmentally friendly character of our release agents that are safe for people and the environment.

Safe and sustainable release agents

Although the concrete release agent has almost no influence on the total CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases of the production process, we as a supplier of release agents can compensate by making them more environmentally friendly. We do this by using safe and sustainable products. Besides, due to the reduction in use, less transport is needed to get our products to our customers!

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