eBook Quality Guide in Concrete Production 

Ecoratio is your problem solver and is there for you when you face challenges and issues in the concrete production. With our release agents and concrete finishing tools we can assist you in the demoulding process and help you achieve smooth concrete with high quality concrete surfaces. 

The purpose of this eBook:

  • Share our knowledge and make it possible for you to have aesthetical perfect concrete;

  • Let you achieve concrete without surface voids, concrete stains, dust, sticking and affected concrete due to corrosion;

  • Provide you information and tips on how for high quality concrete surfaces.

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Ecoratio provides solutions for various issues that occur during the production process of concrete. The release agents, specially developed by Ecoratio, prevent these problems without causing harm to the user nor the environment. In addition, it contributes to high quality concrete elements! 

High quality concrete

The high quality of the concrete brings producers several benefits. In the case of Ecoratio, the concrete is mainly focused on the physical characteristics. Factors that can influence the quality are the personnel, materials, equipment and workmanship.

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